Tips to Pick the Perfect Gold Jewellery this Akshaya Tritiya

Akshaya Tritiya is an auspicious day for Hindus and Jains and traditionally, people begin new ventures, buy precious metals like silver and gold and perform all types of auspicious work on this day. Akshaya means ‘something that doesn’t diminish’ and buying gold or silver on this day is said to attract abundant prosperity and good fortune. This year, Akshaya Tritiya falls on the 22nd of April and many of you have already or may be planning to buy gold. We, at Londe Jewellers, have started receiving a lot of orders to buy Gold Jewellery online in Nagpur. Here are some tips we want to share with you while you shop for your gold jewellery:

Check for hallmarked jewellery

The first thing you need to check while buying gold jewellery is to ensure that it is hallmarked for purity as it determines the jewellery’s true worth. The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), is an authorised agency to ascertain the jewellery’s purity by thoroughly examining and then hallmarking it. Every hallmarked gold jewellery has a BIS stamp, a number attached to it, its karats, the jeweller's identification mark, the hallmarking year which is represented alphabetically and the assaying centre. It always helps to shop at reputed jewellers like Londe Jewellers as you have a guarantee about your purchases. We promptly inform our customers about all the details of the jewellery and assure our best services.


After checking for hallmarked jewellery, check for the number of karats that gives you information about the amount of gold present in your jewellery. 24-karat gold is the cleanest form of gold. That means it has 24/24 parts gold. But gold is a very soft metal and cannot be used on its own to make jewellery. So, other metals like silver or copper are used to make it more robust and ideal for moulding. If your gold jewellery is 22k (karats), it means that it contains 22 parts gold and 2 parts of other metals. 18k gold jewellery has less gold than 22k gold, but it is more durable than the 22k piece in the long run. The amount of gold present in the jewellery will significantly affect its price and the overall quality too. The gold rates for a particular day are prominently displayed on our website as well as in our showrooms for comparison of prices.

Plan your budget beforehand

When you go to a good jewellery showroom, the designs and variety of exquisite gold jewellery displayed during Akshaya Tritiya make it so difficult to choose and you feel like buying everything. Plan your budget well in advance so that you don’t get carried away. Of course, you should have a little bit of flexibility to stretch your budget at times to buy the jewellery that you were attracted to the most, but don’t get overwhelmed and go overboard.

Check out the best offers

During special occasions like Akshaya Tritiya, most jewellers have discounts and offers on their jewellery, mainly on their making charges. Do make sure that you are aware of offers if any before purchasing the jewellery piece. Many places offer easy EMI schemes. So, check with an authorised person from the jewellery store to know more about them and plan your purchases better. Who knows, the jewellery piece you had set your eyes on and thought to be unaffordable may just be within your reach!

Delivery Time

Check out the delivery time properly and also see if there is an express delivery option available for your city. If you want to purchase Gold bangles online in Nagpur, or Gold Earrings online in Nagpur, we can deliver them to your doorstep free of cost. We also have free delivery options all over India and express delivery options for major cities in India like Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi and Bengaluru where you will receive your orders in one day.

Assess your intentions for buying

Do you want to buy gold for wearing, gifting or keep them as an investment? If you are buying gold jewellery to wear, think of the occasions you would like to use them for, whether you want heavy jewellery for weddings, light jewellery to wear during parties or something casual, but classy to suit your office wear. If you are buying for investment purposes, you can look at purchasing gold coins or gold bars which are of fine quality. The fineness of gold is determined by the weight of the gold, compared to the overall weight, which is given in parts per 1,000. Gold bars and gold coins having 24KT gold are available and their fineness is 999.9 parts per thousand parts.

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