Why to buy Diamond and Gold Jewellery from Londe Jewellers in Nagpur?

Jewellery is an important part of dressing up and completes the look of any attire. By just looking at the jewellery that a person is wearing, we can comprehend a lot about their personality and their status in society. The right kind of jewellery can complement any outfit and make you feel confident and beautiful. We, at Londe Jewellers in Nagpur, know the importance of jewellery in your lives and have many loyal customers who have been buying jewellery from us for more than a decade.

Mr. Rajesh Londe, who is the founder of Londe Jewellers is himself an expert jewellery craftsman. He was born in Karja to a humble farmer family.  Due to financial problems at home in his early years, he struggled a lot and finished school with great difficulty. After that, he came to Nagpur to stay with his uncle who was a jewellery craftsman. Through his uncle, Mr. Londe developed a liking for jewellery making and became a quick learner. He soon began his own jewellery business and with his honesty and good-quality work, made it flourish. In 2007, he became the President of JCI, Nagpur. Here, he developed excellent relationships with the business communities and various entrepreneurs. He has faith that dedication and upgrading of skills will certainly lead to success. Londe Jewellers now has 2 branches; the first one is at Sitabuldi and the second one is at Gokulpeth.


Mr. Rajesh Londe understands the details involved in making superior quality jewellery as he has a lot of experience in making jewellery. He takes a special interest in the design team and supervises them personally to ensure that they come up with new and exquisite designs regularly. Here, every jewellery piece is carefully designed, moulded and handled with utmost care so that these jewellery pieces are delighted to own them and value forever. Each individual has their preferences over the jewellery they would like to buy. Some prefer gold, others prefer platinum and others prefer diamonds. Within each category too, there are options. For example, you can buy gold in 18K, 22K etc. Our staff is trained to understand what the customer desires and accordingly show them the jewellery. The staff is knowledgeable and can assist you in the decision-making by giving you relevant information. Our fabulous range of jewellery caters to different age groups, occasions and occasions. We also customise jewellery wherever possible for our customer’s delight.

Our stores don’t just have jewellery pieces that are to be worn but also offer plenty of options for puja items such as puja thalis, murtis etc. and gifting items like coins, bowls, glasses, candle stands etc. You can also buy unique showpieces such as royal-looking chess boards. There are new designs available for every new season, festival and occasion. We have design collections that vary for women, men and children of all ages. We make jewellery with the intention that after they are bought, they should be enjoyed as timeless collections that are treasured from generation to generation.


To keep up with the changing times, we have a website where you can browse our collections and shop along with the offline showrooms in Nagpur, thus making jewellery purchasing easier. For example, you can now easily buy gold bangles online in Nagpur if you want and you can check out diamond jewellry in Nagpur at our showrooms.


Our website has the prices of jewellery pieces mentioned along with their other details. We, currently deliver to selected Indian cities as well as selected cities abroad. Through your city name/ pin code, you can check if delivery options are available. We have zero delivery charges, which means anything that you order on the website and want to be delivered to your doorstep will be done free of cost.. We have express delivery options for places in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad. You will receive the products you order in one working day through express delivery options. For example, orders placed by 2 p.m. will reach you the next day. 5 – 7 working days is the time taken for normal delivery options across Indian cities. International orders take around 15 working days to reach your destination. You can also cancel the order before the jewellery pieces are shipped if you do not want them for some unavoidable reasons. Get free cancellations and a 100% refund on invoice value within 14 days for all gemstone, diamond and non-studded jewellery. A 100% refund is also given within 7 days on silver jewellery items. If required, please contact us and we will be happy to provide further clarifications.


So, if you are looking for diamond and gold jewellery, look no further than Londe Jewellers for the finest jewellery, guaranteed for purity at the best prices possible. Visit us and place your order today.