Aiming for that perfect necklace?

Open a Londe Jewellers 11+1 Monthly Plan account with an amount as low as ₹1000. Regular payment of a fixed installment for 11 months will get you same amount as the 1st installment value paid by the company.

Let's Get Started in 4 Simple Steps

Open a new account on the website or in one of our 3 stores.

Pay a monthly installment of minimum ₹1000 or any greater multiples of ₹1000 for 11 months with cash/online banking.

Get same amount of the 1st installment value, at the time of redemption from the company as benefit.

Own your favourite jewellery with the total redemption value

BENEFIT Calculator

Tell us your monthly installment amount and
we will help you calculate your total benefits.

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for 11 months
  • Total value of redemption on 13th month(₹) : 120,000/-